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The Saturday Arts Club


I thought you might be interested in The Saturday Arts Club podcast:

The Saturday Arts Club

It's a light-hearted, intellectual look at theatre, performance and visual arts. There's also a quiz in each episode.

Anyway, aside from providing something for you to listen to, we really want people to get involved, whether it's their opinions or their work. If you have something that you'd like us to feature, get in touch through the website.
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The Popinjay music video was made in collaboration with the band The Joy Formidable. We worked closely developing the narrative and imagery of the animation as well as providing the music.

The style of the animation utilises 2D characters in a 3D environment. Everything is made out of paper, and assembled digitally. This was partly due to the need to create something striking an unique, but also as a way of hinting at a sinister fragility that suited the theme and lyrics of the song itself. The end result is a look that Purple Revolver calls, ‘A lovely visual texture’.

At the time of writing, the video has had over twenty thousand views on youtube and has gained a rating of 4.93 stars. It has also been shown on MTV throughout Europe.
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Love Come Take Me

Love Come Take Me is the result of a collaborative exploration between myself and the photographer Sean Cousin.

We explored how the integral nature of a Polaroid photograph can be used as both narrative structure and antagonist for creating an essentially reproducible artefact from singular entities.

A seed of ten original ‘found’ Polaroids were used to create a loose sequential narrative. I then created interlinking drawings which were then interpreted by Sean and reclaimed as 52 distinct Polaroids. The result is a narrative structure that emerged without either of us being responsible for the entire direction.

The drawings themselves were each created in under seven minutes, replicating the length of time that it takes for a Polaroid photograph to develop.

The Polaroids were displayed in sequence at the Centre for Contemporary Art in Preston (2008) alongside the book which depicted the polaroids in a manner reminiscent of a traditional comic. The book also contained innovations in Polaroid representation as each individual object was represented as an integral object, requiring the front and back of the Polroid to be displayed recto and verso.
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Tales from the Bar of Lost Souls

Tales from the Bar of Lost Souls is a new theatre show and workshop project made as a collaboration between The National Theatre of Greece, Cyprus Theatre Organisation and imitating the dog as part of the British Council Creative Collaboration programme.

Imitating the dog are a UK based company making performance work for national and international touring. Their work experiments with the role of story-telling and narrative in the contemporary theatrical experience, utilising traditional stage and non-traditional digital film and animation techniques.

My role in the production of Tales from the Bar of Lost Souls included the creation of animations and film sequences that were combined with the live action on stage to create a dark and strange world.

The Yorkshire Evening Post described it as:

It’s a rare chance to experience their surreal but gripping approach to performance which blends theatre and cinema to create something which plays with our perceptions and preconceptions. Using animation, projections, unusual stage sets, angles and lighting they create another, darker world.

Also, and unusually for an animator, I followed the production on tour and became involved in the technical development of the play and even went as far as to become involved in the performance through the technology I was using. You’ll soon be able to read all about this in the forthcoming comic, Animating the Dog.
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My Black Dog

An animated music video for the song, 'My Black Dog' by The Adventures of Loki...

A spin on some classic fairy tales such as Red Riding Hood with some Russian folk tales, including Baba Yaga, thrown in.

You can find out some more about the band on their LastFM page here.